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Welcome Back Kat Smith

KAT SMITH 2022Alamein FC would like to announce the re-signing of Kat Smith as our Senior Head Coach for season 2022 with the option of a further season in 2023.

The Alamein FC Board are looking forward to welcoming back Kat to the Club to continue building on the Senior and Development program that she has been working on in the past two seasons.

When asked about her thoughts on re-signing with the Club, Kat said:

‘I’m so incredibly grateful that I have the extended opportunity to work and contribute to the Alamein FC mission.  I’ve also met some fantastic people who work incredibly hard to keep this Club flourishing.  I have an incredible amount of faith in what this team is capable of, and there is so much upside that we are yet to see from this core group.’

Welcome back Kat!

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